About Teresa

Based between New York and The Rest of the World, Teresa Bigelow is an international public relations consultant and communications strategist. As founder of Spiral5 Media, her work traverses tech, music, lifestyle and art + culture.  

Teresa has worked with dozens of companies and individuals across the U.S., Europe and South Asia.  Combining creative insight and big-picture vision with practical strategies, Teresa has put small startups on the map and augmented multi-faceted growth for global media companies. She also has a knack for helping subversive artistry and communities find an authentic voice in the mainstream.

As a freelance writer, Teresa has contributed to Allure, Entrepreneur and Salon. And when she's not working from a hammock, jungle or random coffeeshops around the world, you'll probably find her on a dance floor or yoga mat in NYC.  

Teresa has been featured in Forbes, Thrive Global, and was recognized as a 2018 PR News Rising Star 30 and Under.

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